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a trip in to Anime Mountains

:’) hab50

Anime Name: Engaged to the Unidentified
and this is how do people (not) sleep

:’) hab50

Anime name: I don’t know
and haven’t searched or watched it yet

:’) hab50

Anime name: Kyoukai no Kanata
and “these glasses looks good on you”

:’) hab50 (made by me)

hontony arigato for all your support, and feedback, which helped me alot in having 1000+ followers, in this dark blue (I guess) web site, and thanks for that guy who followed by his own will, and for another reasons as well,and there are so much I wanna say (or type) that can’t defines my happiness of this huge accomplishment and it would be a pleasure to know some one great (good looking) like you have liked or even reblogged this post


:’) hab50

Anime name: Dragon Balls
and IT IS OVER 9000!!

:’) hab50 (edited by me)

anime's name is Kyoukai no kanata


domo arigato

just finished watching the 2nd episode, it’s really awesome

:’) hab50

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